Friday, May 18, 2012

Alert! Jessica Sanchez is in, Joshua Ledet is out.

" The former geek is now on the verge of stardom"
After a phenomenal and historic 90 million votes, the American public has decided---Jessica Sanchez is in, same goes to Philip Philips while Louisiana native Joshua Ledet is set to go home.

Official results show Jessica garnering almost 80 million votes, and the rest were divided between Philips and Ledet in  the most lopsided voting ever in American Idol history.

After giving his all at yesterday's Top 3 performances, the judges thought that Ledet has indeed exhausted all there is to it when it comes to his performances. The vote shows a true rendering which is almost similar to what the judges think.

Ledet's performances, though impressive, are beginning to bore the audiences. Philips is starting to unravel new sides of his performance. Yes, he continues to tread his own interpretation of the songs. It remains to be seen though if Philips would pull off new rabbits under his sleeve. 

" Philips pull the girl's vote out"
Meanwhile, Jessica, some say, is set to deconstruct AI history. If Jessica wins, she will be the first female to break the "all male" AI winners in the past years, and the youngest AI winner. Jessica is just sixteen years old. Many industry insiders are excited about her. Some say she has what it takes to become a legend in the music industry. 

Philips meanwhile, is a drop in a bucket. Many former AI winners singing style is like Philips. He plays the guitar to mask his inability to carry a decent tune. His voice, honestly, is like a cat being crushed. 

So, it's now a toss up--between a young nymph with an angelic, angst-y voice--or a handsome crooner who sings like a cat being bludgeoned to death. You decide.