Monday, May 7, 2012

Cebu PACIFIC should be blamed for the Raymart Santiago-Mon Tulfo ruckus at airport

This incident involving former action star Raymart Santiago, dotting and protective husband of Claudine Barretto and crime columnist Ramon Tulfo of the Philippine Daily Inquirer would not have happened if Cebu Pacific did its job. I mean, come on. Cebu Pacific has always been remiss in its duties to its customers. Time and again, complaints, complaints, complaints! And Cebu Pacific has never improved its services.

For one, Cebu Pacific flights are always delayed. When I was travelling to General Santos City, and I had the unfortunate experience of getting a CebuPac aosflight, that flight was delayed by an hour and a half. Whoa.

Cabins of Cebu Pacific are perennially dirty, thanks to the airline's cleaning crews. And talk about rodeo riding in the air? Cebu Pacific airline tops the list.

There's already a pickup line for CebuPac. Are you an overshooter? Why? Because you're like Cebu Pacific, always overshooting the runway.

I would not be surprised if these kinds of incidents like what happened between Tulfo and the Santiagos happen between or among ordinary citizens. Irate Cebu Pac customers always complain yet the airline never learns from these complaints. Things never change in this airline. It's always delayed, sick, tired, lousy services.

And I would not be really shocked if I hear another incident to happen in the future. Really now, with our lousy airline companies and overburdened airports, flying to and fro the Philippines is not fun , at all. 

The DOTC must do something. Cebu Pacific must also do something. Otherwise, there will always be fights and incidents happening in our airports.

Mr. Roxas, Mr. Roxas, what is happening?