Monday, May 7, 2012

Mon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago etal brawl at the airport: Who's right and who's wrong?

Is it right for Raymart Santiago's group to confiscate the video camera of journalist Mon Tulfo? Is it right for Mon Tulfo to take some shots of Claudine Barretto while she was berating a Cebu Pacific stewardess?

Watching the video and listening to both sides, I believe that it is not right for Raymart Santiago's group to confiscate the video camera of Mon Tulfo. 

For one, Tulfo did nothing wrong in taking those shots of Claudine. At that time, Tulfo was doing his work as a journalist. He saw a story developing at that time. It was instinctual for Tulfo to get his camera and take those shots. 

Tulfo admitted taking at least two shots of Barretto berating the Cebu Pacific stewardess. The story that Tulfo probably would have written was a story of Barretto using her "celebrity" status to gain something.

Barretto's action was understandable, since she lost two luggages which the nincoompoops at Cebu Pacific placed in another airplane. 

What perked the interest of Tulfo to get those shots were Barretto's condescending tone against the hapless stewardess. The lady was not the one who placed those luggages in the wrong plane. Yet, she was berated.

As a celebrity, Barretto should realize or probably, she knows this already, that you are always fair game. A public figure always run the risks of scrutiny. Even Hollywood stars get stalked by paparazzi. 

In this case, crime journalist Tulfo was the paparazzi, Barretto, the subject.

Unlike the true paparazzis however, Tulfo was not stalking nor insisting on taking those shots of Barretto. According to Tulfo, he took those shots surreptitiously. Sadly for him, Raymart, the ever protecting husband, saw what happened and the rest is hospital history for the bruised and beaten Tulfo.

Some would probably laugh with what happened to Mon since many got a beating from him thru his highly popular column. I, myself, got a sprinkling of Mon's bile several years ago. 

In this case, however, kudos to Mon for standing up against such celebrity swellheads such as the Santiagos.