Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chief Justice Corona to resign ala JDV?

Speculations abound as to what Chief Justice Renato Corona will do once he sits before the Senate Impeachment trial on Tuesday. Several deep sources say, the initial plan really was for Corona to testify last Thursday but for some unknown reason, they changed it to Tuesday.

Talks are rife that CJ will announce his resignation, similar to what former Speaker of the House Jose de Venecia Jr did at the height of the ZTE controversy. Resignation talks swirled shortly after Ombudsman Morales' testimony on the existence of 82 bank accounts which allegedly contain US$ 10 million. Palace insiders expected the CJ to announce his resignation, but he did not.

Now, several talks indicate that the CJ will use the impeachment trial as his "pulpit" to denounce the insidious-ness of the Aquino administration. Like what JDV did before he "gave up the ghost", CJ will unload his bombs right before he announces his resignation. He will coat his words like he is ready to become the judiciary's "Christ" or the sacrificial lamb for the sake of unity between the judiciary and the executive.

Let me say this--these are just "talks" which this writer got from several sources. I am not saying that this will happen--I just wrote what I heard from the grapevine. 

Politically speaking, the CJ has indeed, been killed. He does not have enough numbers to create a huge play. He has several groups behind him, but not enough numbers to really dictate the pace of the game. He should have been more active in the propaganda war, but, his strategy fails and backfires, mainly because his handlers are using age-old tactics which do not apply to modern times any longer. 

What are his options now, say you? Inspite having a very strong defense, this impeachment will  not entirely depend on that, but on other reasons as well, including favorable public support. Morales' testimony, as some surmised, was the coup d'grace. The only option left for him is debunk the authenticity of those bank documents. Should his defense panel opt for a technicality, this writer believes that they will lose the war altogether. 

The only option left is for him to avoid further prosecution.