Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Filipino Nation emerges from America

There is a New Philippine Revolution emerging somewhere in the world, and ironically, it is showing itself in America.

Pinoy Unity--that will propel Jessica Sanchez to the top. Recent voting in American Idol shows that. It is encouraging to see Filipino-Americans from all different socio-ethnic groups converging together with one singular purpose in mind---to support a 16 year old's dreams of becoming a singing star.

This is the kind of thing which we, Filipinos, are dying to do. Ironically, this Unity is emerging in a different land. Filipino unity is dissolving every single ethnic difference in the Filipino DNA. And Jessica Sanchez is becoming an instrument towards concretizing this unity.

Jessica Sanchez's struggles mimick the centuries-old struggle of the Filipino soul trying to break free from its ethereal prison cell. What emerges is the first globalist. 

The Filipino is a great innovator and integrator. Like the Japanese and the Korean, the Filipino has the capability of deconstructing every single thing and facilitate the emergence of a better version from the original. The Filipino as a deconstructionist is a gift. For in every deconstruction emerges the best version.

The Filipino is the first Globalist, a special specie of the human race, able to survive in all conditions and able to create beauty from beast, and beast from beauty. 

We can deconstruct a song and make it sound more beautiful. We can also try to adapt a system like democracy and make it appear as a democracy while destroying its very essence. 

Seeing fellow Filipinos acting like true Pinoys and dissolving ethnic differences in a show of strength is the great story behind Jessica Sanchez's struggle in American Idol.