Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Manila went `gaga' over Lady Gaga--the second time around

As they say, the second honeymoon is the sweetest one of all. 

For the second time since 2009, Lady Gaga once again charmed and rocked and gyrated herself crazy before 40,000 screaming fans at her concert last night at the SM Mall of Asia arena. There was no stopping the multi-awarded Grammy winner as she belted out most of her controversial songs, even the much criticized " Judas" during the show. Fact is, Lady Gaga really went "all out" here, with several fans saying that this is the first time that Lady Gaga performed with much aplomb, unlike her other performances. Probably, Lady Gaga liked performing off before Filipino fans who really liked her first three years ago.

I was waiting for those who watched the show to foam in the mouth, or transform into little devils with horns, but nothing of such nature happened. 

Catholic archbishop Arguelles warned that those who would watch the show would fall into Satan's trap, but I heard nothing of such sorts last night. No rodeo-riding demon appeared or one with a pitch fork emanated from out of the dark and sneared some screaming Lady Gaga from behind. Curiously, no one lost a wallet during the concert. Probably, even snatchers and thieves got lost in the translation.

Yep, most of the 40,000 screamed and shouted themselves hoarse, but no one changed into a goat or a winged creature. Yes, most smiled and forgot all their problems momentarily as Lady Gaga sang and danced like crazy before their very own eyes. 

When Lady Gaga sang Judas, I thought she will transform into a winged serpent or a mule with fiery eyes and with bat wings, but Lady Gaga looked all the same, with her signature blonde wig and leather dress.  

I also thought that several would be possessed with an evil spirit during the concert, but all I saw were happy people, happy that what they saw, was the best Hollywood can offer.

Moral of the story---when you prevent someone with such artistic talent from expressing herself, chances are, you'll lose for being too puritan for her and the public's taste. 

Likewise, when you try to use the issue of censorship for your political grandstanding, you lose when the subject of your critic oozes with talent.