Saturday, May 19, 2012

Three Things Why I Believe Jessica Sanchez is the New American Idol

That ninety million votes which American Idol garnered during the Top 3 performances is one of the highest ever in the singing tilt's history. Last year, 122 million votes were registered after the finale performances. AI observers think that this season's toss-up between Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips would generate more interests and of course, more votes after their performances. 

The inclusion of Sanchez in the Top 2 is controversial for two things: first, it was a phenomenal comeback, since Sanchez was nearly kicked out of the show in the Top 7 performances. If she wins, Sanchez will be the very first AI winner to have bounced back after being saved by the judges.

Second, Sanchez will be the youngest AI winner. At sixteen years old, Sanchez also has a long way to go when it comes to professional career, and surely, with her incredible singing ability, and her exotic looks, Sanchez really, is a rare, unpolished gem waiting for super-legendary stardom.

Sanchez has everything in her to win. She sings like an angel, according to Steven Tyler. She registers well on television, according to Jennifer Lopez; and she's the greatest singer which the singing contest has ever discovered, according to Randy Jackson. Vocally, Sanchez has an edge over Georgian native Philip Philips. 

Not only that---Sanchez tends to dominate vocally and in performances whenever she is pitted with other contestants. She shines better than the rest, and surprisingly, Sanchez does this so effortlessly. Sanchez is also in her element whether singing with just one instrument or with a big band. She is also best in singing old songs rendered in her own, angst-y, blue-sy kinda way.

If Philips sings like a cat, Sanchez' growl would surely cause goose bumps during the show. She dominates the stage. It would be extremely hard for Philip Philips to make his performance at par with Sanchez.

Admit it--Philips' style is just as ordinary as other AI winners. There isjust  simply nothing new with what he shows. Philips' voice sometimes falters and in most cases, out of tune. It will be extremely difficult for him to create a moment, seeing that in previous performances, he is content just singing out of tune and without the big band, people would definitely notice the difference.

However, let me caution our fellow Filipino-Americans---the American public tends to vote not so much on vocal ability but on overall stage presence. It happened to Adam when he lost three seasons ago. Adam, like Sanchez, had an amazing voice. He can sing almost every single song with aplomb. 

To my fellow Filipinos out there in the states---don't let this thing happen. Unite. Vote for Jessica. Ask your friends to do so.