Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seeing Jessica Sanchez under a racial microscope

Jessica Sanchez's struggles as a person with minority roots shows in the timbre of her superb voice. Fact is, hers mirrors the collective angsts of minorities in an Anglo-Saxon dominated society. American Idol judges always ask themselves--where in the world did this 16 year old get all that angst? Well, flashback her story and  you'll find that all those years spent living in that unspeakable condition comes back beautifully like verses coming from heaven.

To her mind, she is as American as the others, and she is. The color of her skin however puts her in a place which is considered unspeakable in a democratic society such as America. There is that side or dimension in America where the value of a human is judged not by talent nor prowess, but by how dark or light your skin color is, or how deep or foreign sounding your speaking voice is. 

To be born as a minority is hard in America. You are American, but not exactly as American as other Americans are. You have Filipino blood. You have Mexican-Puerto Rican. You are American, yet to others, not exactly.

Jessica Sanchez's story is like thousands of other Filipino-Americans who are struggling every single day, finding their own niche in the sun. That urban struggle is affecting every, single Fil-AM teenager out there who thinks and feels American but deep inside, looks to find a certain dimension of his personality as something different.

What Jessica is proving right now is the fact that minorities can do what the rest are capable of doing, and more. Listen to all of Jessica's songs and you'll find that she sings exactly like what the singer does but there's more depth with Jessica's rendition of the song than what the singer sang.

What is so good about what Jessica is doing is she is becoming the first to merge Americana with Filipino and Mexican and Puerto Rican. Jessica Sanchez is a globalist, the first excellent specie of a merger of worlds. She is breaking the geo-racial barriers, by being who she is. And she's spreading this new message through the most ancient of all communication tools--singing. This differentiates her from among all others because she may be the very first one who is capable of singing a song that will dissolve racial differences and to have emerged from the rut, a voice that resonates to every living soul.