Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thrilla in Naia hides serious national problems

While we all were entertained by this brawling incident at the NAIA 3 which involved a former action star beating to a pulp, a 65 year old journalist cum martial artist over two photos, let us not  forget that this brawl happened in an international airport and perennial problems we encountered with airline companies here are still unresolved. 

As we get entertained with videos showing the brutality of the brawl, be mindful that this incident would not have happened if our airport authorities were quick to the draw. Had the airport personnel installed a CCTV there, things would not have gotten out of hand. These people would have seen what was developing on the ground and would have dispatched a team immediately.

Sadly, the state of our affairs reflects the sorry condition of our nation. How can we move forward when authorities are ever oh so unmindful of our struggles? We aspire to get 5 million more tourists in, but our airports and seaports are incapable of accommodating such huge spikes in numbers.

Mr. Roxas should stop thinking that he's gwapo when he cannot even command Jose Honrado, the airport General Manager to shape up or ship out. Such a weak leader does not deserve a spot in government.