Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who will be in the finale of the American Idol Season 11?

So, its down to three---Filipino-Mexican singer Jessica Sanchez, 'Mantasia' Joshua Ledet and Philip Philips. Who will be on the finale?

For the Americans out there, who is still undecided, just answer this question---who among the three singers will you go and spend your precious dollars for a concert? Will you spend your money buying a Sanchez record, or a Ledet record or a Philip Philips?

If you ask me, I'll spend even a thousand for a Jessica Sanchez record. She's a unique singer. Her style is amazing. Her voice is one of a billion. She can sing almost anything--ballads, rhythm and blues, probably even Western. There's a sophistication in that voice that only legends of old America had. 

Ledet is as common as others while it is entirely difficult even to finish listening to a Philip Philips record. Notice that American Idol needs the entire orchestra just to package these two as legitimate singers. For Jessica's case, all she needs is a good guitar player by her side. 

Ledet's problem is he tries to deny his sexuality. Everyone knows that he's gay. He tries to be straight but whenever he sings, he mimicks fantasia. Tell me a guy singer who fantasizes being Fantasia?

Whoever America votes off tomorrow, even if it is Jessica, that singer deserves a career. The three deserves being there, a testimony of their hard work.