Saturday, June 23, 2012

Aquino creating his own enchanted kingdom

So, it's like this. You have a savings worth US$ 1 billion. Inspite of the poverty all around you, with scores of people not eating the right foods at the right time and kids not going to school due to extreme poverty, you decide to lend it to other "poor countries" who need help.

Such hypocrisy and stupidity.

Hypocrisy because you want to impress the world of your supposed "wealth" when in truth, that one came from the hardships and toils of your people. Stupidity because you think that you are okey enough for other nations to be able to say that you're rich when you are still not.

Little by little, day by day, this administration is beginning to sound just like its predecessor. President Aquino, like Arroyo in her heyday, is slowly carving his own enchanted kingdom. I don't blame him. He is being fed erroneous information or information as preposterous as its providers. 

Look at how dismissive this administration is on the issue of smuggling. Various forms of smuggling are happening right this very moment. Yet, this government continues to dismiss these as mere ordinary activities not worth the attention.

President Aquino should be made to realize that, yes, initiatives and changes are really happening but not to the level really expected by the people. Change under his term is being realized yet in a very slow and non-deliberative pace that people are slowly losing their patience.