Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why government wants to discredit Atyani

There are at least seven foreign tourists held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf Group, yet government is not conducting hot pursuit operations against the bandit group.  

NO word has reached us on the fates of these hostages. The international terror group has amassed a group of "international hostages". Unlike before though, their activities have not been published or given "international" or "local attention" possibly to avoid an embarrassing situation for this government.

This inaction, if you look at it, is already an embarrassment. Its like government does not care about the fate of these hostages, as if they have now been fed to the wolves. 
Government is supposed to take care of people living or even visiting its shores. 

Atyani a Jordanian journalist, was invited over by a foreign government to really take a look at the condition of these international hostages. 

I am not allowed to reveal much except to say that Atyani was asked by this government because of their concern on the supposed "deteriorating health condition" of one of the hostages. Due to the dearth of intelligence information from the Philippine government, this foreign government asked the Al Arabiya TV network to exhaust its assets and bring to international attention the plight of foreign hostages held by the ASG.

Now, why is government now discrediting Atyani?

The Aquino administration does not want the international community to discover how useless government is right now in resolving this embarrassing situation in Jolo, Sulu.

Of how government fail to even send an emissary to negotiate for the safety of these hostages. There is no one talking with the terrorist/bandit group. Likewise, with the series of operational failures by the military, it seems that the situation has come to a standstill, with government losing every single day of inaction.

Of course, traditional media would not report this due to sensitivites pointed out by the military several years ago. There is now, an operational procedure in reporting and covering the ASG after a series of debacles a decade ago. 

What Philippine media did not realise is the fact that they lost their supposed independence when they agreed on the military request not to cover these hostage crises. 

Now, this government wants to prevent this foreign journalist from airing the real condition of these hostages now suffering in a jungle lair somewhere in the island of Jolo.