Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dolphy lies critical

Rodolfo Quizon is a fighter, says his son, Eric. In a year, he had ten pneumonia attacks and he survived every single one. Now, he has a progressive disease which affects his entire system. He lies in critical condition, now in and out of consciousness. At eighty three years old, Rodolfo Quizon, who we know as Dolphy, the King of Comedy, is still fighting that old nemesis, Death.

Dolphy is the last of the icons of that era where actors and actresses were worshipped like royalty. Starting out as an extra, Dolphy worked his way up the ladder of success with his trademark kind of comedy that reminds one of the great Charlie Chaplin. Dolphy is the last remaining Mohican whose subtle improvisations elicit not just hearty laughter but honest to goodness fun.

Dolphy is one of his kind, the kind that does not need to offend sensitivities just to get a laugh out from people. He is one bundle of energy, the kind that burst forth each and every single performance. 

His creativity is legendary, and it would take another generation for us to find another one like him. If Dolphy leaves us, we will lose the only remaining expert in laughter management. 

Pray for him. And pray that God be kind to him when he leaves.