Wednesday, June 20, 2012

China playing a very dangerous game

After two Philippine Coast Guard boats left the Panatag shoal due to an approaching typhoon, Chinese boats on the other hand, stayed on the disputed area and even raised the Chinese flag. Earlier on, Chinese officials praised the Philippines for "withdrawing" its boats, and even said that they would try to withdraw their own. Unfortunately, China refuses to honor its commitment and instead, hoist the Chinese red flag in one of the small islets of the shoal. 

That, my friend, is a brazen act worthy of international condemnation.

China is using double speak in its dangerous game with the Philippines. When countries in the region are trying to defuse the tension from becoming regional, China is taunting the Philippines and by doing so, dragging the entire region with it. 

Philippine president Benigno S. Aquino III in his speech before Chinese diplomats during the celebration of Philippine independence say specifically said that it is his duty to protect the sovereignty and patrimony of the entire archiepelago. Aquino stressed that his foremost concern is the protection of the country's patrimony, something which is being tested to the limits by Chinese government officials. 

What China is doing is publicly stating that it is stepping two steps back, while doing a forward step, something which signifies the lack of intention to honor bilateral and even, multilateral commitments. 

The Philippines should send a strong note verbale to the Chinese ambassador here. The Philippines must ask the Chinese ambassador and make her explain the dastardly actions of the Chinese side.