Monday, June 18, 2012

Dr. Jose Rizal, the would-be father

Tomorrow, we celebrate the birth of Dr. Jose Rizal. He was, I think, two years older than the Supremo, Andres Bonifacio. Bonifacio, as what I wrote in my e-book, Bagong Istorya, was born at a time of great distress. Contrast that to what Rizal was born to.

He was born in a life of comfort. He suffered nothing of what Bonifacio and his family experienced during the time of Bonifacio's birth year. There was a massive earthquake, coupled with a great typhoon which not just inundated huge portions of Manila, but other outlying provinces as well. Bonifacio's life was filled with unfortunate incidents.

When his parents died, Bonifacio took care of his siblings. Rizal had a huge family. They took care of each other. When his brother, Paciano joined the revolutionaries, Rizal was responsible in taking care of his mother, but his own difficult circumstances prevented him from dispensing his duties with utmost attention.

Bonifacio became an early "parent" to his siblings. Rizal nearly became one when he sired a son with Josephine Bracken. Unfortunately, the fetus died prematurely. 

Had the child lived, many people say, that son would have changed Rizal. That conclusion is never supported by facts, because as I said, that son died. 

Several others say that "premature" birthing" never really happened. It was an allegory than anything.