Thursday, June 7, 2012

High tuition fees plus higher Meralco rates

Two challenges face Filipino families today, especially homemakers like me---one, higher tuition fees and the impending jacking up of Meralco rates. These twin evils represent the current administration's apathy towards ordinary citizens like us.

The Department of Education/CHED allowed 270 plus schools to raise their tuition fees. I have five kids. Due to the dire economic situation, two of my kids are now in public school. I have a 4 year old son who, I think, deserves an Atenean education. I checked and found out that I have to shell out 100,000 plus pesos (sans school supplies, transpo, food, etc) for him to enjoy a higher standard of education. Alas, my income is not sufficient. I have two more kids, twin daughters who will also go to school four years from now. By that time, government would have implemented the R-12 program.

I shutter the thought of paying up to 7,000 pesos worth of electricity. The temperature of my house goes up to 33 degrees and I need more ventilation. With Meralco passing up the buck to us consumers due to the National Power Corporation's debts, I don't know what will happen. Maybe I probably use gasera from now on.

This is the life of a common Filipino nowadays. While big businessmen wallow in extreme profits, ordinary Filipinos wallow in extreme poverty. Who will take the cudgels for us now that these so-called "patriotic forces" have now been compromised. 

And to think that, according to Pnoy, our economy grew by six percent. Where is that 6% growth?