Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cabinet revamp, political maneuverings and changes in government this season

Indications are rife of a succession of cabinet revamps in the Aquino administration. Energy secretary Jose Almendras is expected to assume the Presidential Management Staff (PMS) role. Julie Abad is expected to vacate the post as PMS head to follow her husband who will be posted abroad. A trusted undersecretary of the finance department, Emilie Bonoan, and reportedly a very close associate of Finance secretary Cesar Purisima is poised to replace Almendras as Energy secretary. Months ago, it was rumoured that Purisima was the one to replace Almendras as Energy and the Finance post to be given to BIR commissioner Kim Henares. Henares has been officially made a candidate for the Chief Justice post, same goes to Justice secretary Leila de Lima. 

De Lima, it is rumored, will stay as Justice secretary, since she enjoys the very high trust of the President. 

Should Henares be appointed Chief Justice, she will be replaced by her trusted associate commissioner in the BIR.

The Department of Agriculture is soon to be vacated by its secretary, Proceso Alcala. Alcala is set to challenge the Suarez's clan in the governorship of Quezon province. Quezon politics is really getting to be very interesting. There are talks that Betty Nantes, wife of former Quezon governor Raffy Nantes, will be given a mayoral post or is being asked to stay put as PCSO director. Nantes will not contest the governorship since this is now being promised to Alcala, a closer ally to the President than Nantes.

Danilo Suarez, a close Arroyo ally, is slated to re-assume his Congressional post. Mark Enverga, according to reports, is eyeing his second term as Congressman. 

Deputy speaker Erin Tanada is gunning for a Senatorial post. He is being endorsed by the President. He will serve as spokesperson of the Liberal Party.

With the DA post soon to become vacant, talks are rife that Senator Kiko Pangilinan is the one chosen by the President to replace Alcala. Pangilinan has big shoes to fill, since Alcala did some great wonders in the department. If Pangilinan accepts the post, this will be his first time as a Cabinet secretary.

Bert Lina, a former Customs chief, is also being asked to fill the post to be vacated by Ruffy Biazon once he decides to run either as Senator or Congressman of Muntinlupa. His father, Congressman and former general Rodolfo Biazon is reportedly eyeing another comeback at the Senate, making it quite difficult for Ruffy to really decide where he will really run.

Deputy Customs commissioner Danny Lim is expected to run against the Biazons this senatorial race. So, there will be two posts which will remain vacant at the Bureau once these two personalities decide to run for an elective posts again.

There were talks that Bureau of Immigration Commissioner David will soon leave his post for an undersecretary-ship at the Department of Defense. David is being offered, according to talks, the chance to lead in the AFP modernization efforts. There are talks that one of the BI associate commissioners will replace David.

At the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), there are rumors that say that Mar Roxas is actually thinking of running for a senatorial post, something which people are expecting, but the President is not agreeing. Roxas wants to run for the Senate, but the President himself asked him to stay in his cabinet and wait for 2016. 

Other possible changes:

1. TESDA head Joel Villanueva will leave his post and run for a Senatorial post. His replacement will also come from the civil society ranks.

2. Jesse Robredo, it was rumored, wants to go back to his former post as mayor of Naga. If he leaves, the DILG post will be offered to a former general.