Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kim Henares or Leila de Lima as Chief Justice--good choices

Today is a wonderful day for me because I read an interview about President Noynoy Aquino toying with the idea of appointing an outsider as Chief Justice. Aquino is considering either Justice secretary Leila de Lima or BIR chief Kim Henares as possible replacements for the impeached Atty. Renato Corona. 

This shows that Aquino is really intent on cleansing the judicial bureaucracy and allowing it to regain public trust. An outsider like de Lima or Henares would surely bring reform to the fore in the judiciary. This would also eliminate malicious feelings which people had at the start of this impeachment against Corona--that the impeachment had a political color or ring into it mainly due to the suspicion that Aquino favors Associate Justice Antonio Carpio as Corona's replacement. 

Now that the President intends to appoint an outsider, there is no more suspicion that all these maneuverings were meant to prop up Carpio as the new Chief Justice. Yes, he is right now, the acting Chief Justice. There are news to the effect that Carpio intends not to serve as permanent Chief Justice, although if we follow tradition, the most senior Associate Justice normally transcends the rung when a Chief Justice retires. 

However, the fight is definitely not over.

The public should not rest. Fact is, the public should train its sights squarely on what Carpio intends to do during this time when he serves as the acting Chief Justice. Carpio, according to several legal eagles, is more lethal than Corona, his former colleague. Lethal here means unsavory. The people should check what cases are pending right now in the Supreme Court for which Carpio or his firm had an interest on.