Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ouster of Chief Justice the most peaceful counter-revolutionary action in human history

President Aquino always refer to what he's been doing as "revolutionary". Yes, I would refer these times as revolutionary since during this administration, the following changes occurred:

1. It was during this administration that the contentious issue of Hacienda Luisita was resolved.  This will boost the farmers' legitimate quest for true agrarian reform, something which had eluded them since 1986.

2. All institutions of governance were "shaken" not merely "stirred" like what previous administrations did in treating malfeasance in the bureaucracy. We have now an administration which does not consider social or economic status as a protection against suits when it comes to graft cases. Every single one is fair game. When you commit a crime against the people, when you steal money from the people, expect to be prosecuted. 

The Aquino administration began cleansing the executive bureaucracy by charging those from the previous administration who committed grievous sins against the People. These were charged with crimes and hauled to court. Former president Gloria Arroyo and her bunch of thieves in barong were charged with non-bailable offenses and hauled to court. One by one, these people who enjoyed nine years in power, will now begin serving several years behind bars, as their punishment. Gloria, inspite of her previous status as head of state, remains the prime example of how serious this administration is in its commitment of cleansing the bureaucracy of the filth of the past.

Grafters in government, particularly rent-seekers were charged by the BIR and the Customs of numerous crimes. Yes, there are still several out there committing smuggling activities yet compared with previous administrations, the level of participation of government officials in this illicit activities has been minimized. 

President Aquino was right--the two most feared officials in his cabinet are Justice secretary Leila de Lima and BIR commissioner Kim Henares. These two fine ladies exemplify the kind of public service we so desire since 1986. Henares' and de Lima's resolve are exemplary. They should be emulated. (Let me qualify that of De Lima--she has to correct the decision she did when it comes to the case of that criminal diplomat who raped a Filipina. That is an erroneous decision. She must not be afraid to incur the wrath of a big Filipino businessman who has interests in the ports of the country of the accused. )

The Bureau of Immigration under the able leadership of Commissioner David and Deputy Commissioner Siegfried Mison is undergoing a painful transition from traditional to exemplary. Several people are resisting the reforms being instituted but at the end of the day, these reforms undermine stiff resistence. A new batch of young, idealistic and highly nationalist Immigration Officers will now occupy sensitive posts in the bureau.  

Afterwards, this administration shook the very foundations of the military and the police by initiating those probes against military officials who stole the people's monies or played the role of protecting the previous administration from the people's wrath. Those who were involved in rigging an election and those who got the largesse in the AFP modernization program all got punished. Careers were destroyed, reputations smashed as the government played the biggest cop role it ever did in history.

Congress, as an institution, was also cleansed. Several efforts were made to correct the mistakes of the past. When it comes to misfeasance or malfeasance or abuses in power, Congress right now is very strict or is strictly enforcing the rules of the game. Ilocos sur Congressman Singson lost his post when he was adjudged guilty for possessing illicit drugs in Hongkong. There are other cases which show that indeed, reforms have been instituted even in this institution where the perception is, every one who resides there enjoys the protective cloak of power. With this SALN disclosure call, even the most powerful Congressman could now face jail time. 

3. The successful impeachment of a Chief Justice showed that even this age-old institution like the Judiciary is not safe from revolutionary justice. Prior to Aquino, the judiciary became the stamping authority of those who successfully stole the people's monies and got away with it. This institution was never cleansed when 1986 came. It explains why those who benefitted largely from the excesses of the Marcos dictatorship escaped the sharp fangs of justice. 

Under this Aquino administration, the judiciary was, like all other institutions, underwent a painful and emotional transition. It was thought that the Judiciary would be the last bastion left standing against the reformist administration. IN the past, thieves in barong thought that they would escape jail time even if they steal millions from the people. 

Now, with the Arroyo remnants out of power, the real opportunity now lies before us. There is no need anymore for this administration to declare itself revolutionary---no. 

Its very acts show how revolutionary it could be under the extreme circumstances. This impeachment is the most peaceful counter-revolutionary action in human history. No blood was spilt--only reputations smashed and destroyed for the sake of the revolution.

Now, institutions which remain previously under the control of the previous erring dispensation are now under the control of a revolutionary government. 

It remains to be seen how this administration will now behave seeing that all power have been shaken and configurated in its favor.