Monday, June 11, 2012

Oscar dela Hoya awards fight to Pacquiao: Arum salivates for a rematch

Former pound for pound champ Oscar dela Hoya thinks that the judges were wrong in awarding the fight to Timothy Bradley. The golden boy says that Pacquiao undeniably won that one. It should have been an unanimous decision in favor of his conqueror, the Pacman.

Pacman was magnanimous enough to say that Bradley deserves it. However, why is he saying that he won yet respects the judges' decision? Did the Pacman ignored Juan Manuel Marquez when the Mexican claimed so many times over that he won twice against the Pacman but was not recognized by the judges?

Pacman's trainer Freddie Roach says he will question the decision before the Nevada Boxing Commission, a move countered by Pacman's own "promoter" Bob Arum. Arum says even if Roach does so, there's no reason why the judges would change their decision.

Arum wants a rematch, one which will give him millions and millions of dollars worth of revenues. Of course, the Pacman would have to cut his share in the PPV or in the purse if he wants to redeem his pride.

So there.

Dela Hoya chairs the Golden Boy Promotions, Pacman's former promoter. By siding with the Pacman's, the Golden Boy Promotions is silently re-establishing its ties with the former world pound for pound champ. Calls are rife that Pacman severs his ties with Arum, something which he should have done prior to this fight.