Sunday, June 10, 2012

My moment: What will we do without Solenn?

Last Friday, Cowo Asia was just jampacked with crowds. More than a hundred bloggers of different shapes and sizes, and of different persuasions and beliefs converged at the blogger event. I saw many familiar faces and new ones. Just meeting up with fellow bloggers already made my evening complete.

Of course, I would probably lie to you if I say that one of the reasons why I went to this event was there was the goddess herself, Solenn Heussaff gracing the event. Who would not want to look at a real beauty?

Before I even write about Solenn, I enjoyed the games , the exciting prizes won by my fellow bloggers, the sign up wall and of course the crowd. 

Kudos to Fleishman-Hillard for another smashing event! I also congratulate Tanya Cabbab and Jon Santico, the Batman and Batgirl duo behind who opened the night with an exciting announcement--there's a new Pinoy lifestyle and its buying and selling online.

But of course, before I even mention how thrilled I was discussing things with my fellow bloggers, I wait with bated breath on the arrival of the Goddess of sexy cool. 

It was a little past 9 when Solenn finally appeared. She was in her signature short shorts and high heels and a simple black t-shirt. Lovely.

Shot,shot,shot and I filled my memory card with all her sparkling beauty. Close up, side ways and medium shots were all that I took while some of the girl bloggers there swooned on emerging matinee idol John Medina. Of course, even other girls went to Solenn for a shot. Four to one, John Medina lost tonight.

There were many unfamiliar faces tonight and I will not say my piece here. As what my friend said, this is a democratic country and you can do or claim whatever or whoever you are. For me, you're a blogger if you say you are, and no one has the right not to consider you as such even if only a handful read your piece online. 

It was a unieu moment, the kind that should be enjoyed every single day by those who want to post something of value online.

THe party was cool, like how one browses in the website and found something of value.

The party was not pretentious, like how encourages Filipinos to make that giant leap and post an ad there for pre-loved items you want others to find value with. baptism last Friday was spectacular. And it is a beautiful sign of something valuable to happen in years to come.