Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacquiao-Bradley fight: conspiracy theories

Many Filipinos believe that the decision awarding a split decision win to Timothy Bradley against Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao was a fluke. It was a rigged decision, many believe. It was more of a business decision rather than something that benefits the boxing world. 

In eons past, it was Don King that was being accused of rigging the results of bouts by his wards, first, in Mohammad Ali's case, and the other, in Mike Tyson's. Now, Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum, some believe, was the "brains" behind this catastrophe. Many even said that Arum must be laughing his way to the bank.

Why so?

Well, had Pacquiao won via unanimous decision, Arum would have have scratched his head and said that it would be hard looking for another opponent for the boxing congressman. The only fighter worthy of Pacquiao's would have been Mayweather Jr who, as we know, is now languishing in jail for mauling his wife. 

Had the fight been a Pacquiao win, the camp of the Pacman would have to sit it out until Mayweather Jr's release from jail.

A split decision, however, gives Arum another blockbuster fighting bout. A split gave Pacquiao a chance to redeem his title. The rematch is expected by November 15.  

That fight in November would be Pacquiao's redeeming bout. Now, it is up to the Pacman if he will "kill" Bradley or will remain as soft as a pussy cat come fighting time. Pacman's career will end by November once he fails to knockout Bradley. And that will not be the icing on the cake which Pacman envisions for himself. 

Several friends close to the Pacman told me that Pacman wants to retire in a blaze of glory. How then can he retire now that he lost his title?

The only downside in this rematch is the possibility that the Bradley side would now demand an equal share in the Pay-Per-View or would demand a bigger purse, something which would affect the outcome of a renewed negotiations with the Arum camp. This is a serious bet which Pacquiao would have to swallow just to redeem his pride.

For Pacquiao to recover, he must re-assess himself and get back (1) into shape and (2) find a way to synthesize his Christian belief and his animal instinct as a boxer. 

Pacquiao must cull from the story of King David, who, inspite of being God's champion warrior, David never showed mercy against his opponents. Every battle that David took part off, he always rout his enemies. 

Pacman must become a David--soft as a feather as a believer and more fierce or more lethal than a snake or a tiger. There is still some chance for Pacquiao to redeem  his reputation.