Friday, June 29, 2012

Pimentel bolts UNA

Finally, Senator Koko Pimentel decided to leave UNA (United Nationalist Alliance). Pimentel said, he just followed his principles. He just cannot accept the proposition made by his partymates on sharing the same stage with former Senator Migz Zubiri, whom he accused of electoral deceit. 

Former president Joseph Estrada, Pimentel's "godfather", accepted the decision. Vice President Binay, UNA president, however, did not give any statement.

Pimentel's act is anti-climactic because people really expected him to bolt the alliance. What was sad was the fact that Pimentel was one of those who stuck it out with the people behind UNA since 2010. Pimentel serves as President of PDP-Laban, the political party of his father. 

Sources say, many people are really feeling uneasy with former Arroyo stalwarts joining the party. Many felt that this is one of those traditional political moves which could hurt the party in the long run. 

UNA is really a political hodgepodge, the kind that leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. Honestly, UNA's slate is a combination of political names which have made nothing significant insofar as the people are concerned. These political bigwigs gave public service a very bad name, by sticking it out in politics just for the sake of personal aggrandizement. It is a pure naked display of power politics. 

I hope UNA will be the very first political party to disintegrate due to the lack of principles.