Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ratsada sa Inquirer featured Fred Mison and Erin Tanada,some of the best and most progressive leaders of our time

Yesterday's show, Ratsada sa Inquirer was fun and highly entertaining. We have as guest, Bureau of Immigration Commissioner Fred Mison and a representative from Megaworld. Our co-hosts Deputy speaker Erin Tanada and social media maven Noemi Dado were in their element yesterday, asking guests and putting relevant and highly important questions. 

Mison is one of the most promising public servants around. Having graduated at the top of his class at West Point, the US military academy and likewise, became a lawyer shortly after his graduation from the academy, Mison is one of the most principled men in government. 

We asked several questions to Mison, including one about uploading posted by our co-host Erin Tanada. By the way, Erin just came from a climate change summit in Rio de Janeiro. He also reported his accomplishments.

Like Mison, Erin Tanada is one of the most idealistic and most promising legislators of our generation. Tanada is the deputy speaker of the 15th Congress and by far, the most energetic and the most dynamic legislator in our history.

The show was exciting and fun because we had a dynamic group that discussed things in gusto. Social media advocates Juanxi and Tonyo Cruz took turns asking questions to Mison and Erin, and even convinced the Deputy Speaker to actively promote and advocate the passage of the Freedom of Information act.

Tonyo Cruz even pointed out that among countries in Asia, it is only in the Philippines where there is no FOI. Tanada said that he will continue advocating for its passage.

Next show we will be focusing our discussion on the Freedom of Information bill.