Monday, July 16, 2012

Annabelle Rama is a danger to society, says Amalia Fuentes

Amalia Fuentes, the Philippines' version of Elizabeth Taylor, says that Annabelle Rama, wife of Eddie Gutierrez, Amalia's former boyfriend and screen lover, is a danger to society. Fuentes made this remark shortly after Rama was caught on video, trying to harm entertainment writer Chito Alcid. Alcid ran for his life after Rama went after him with a cane stick and a bread knife. The incident happened on Day four of the public viewing in Dolphy's funeral.

Why is Rama acting like a big, bad, bully? Rama should be reminded of her previous life as a door-to-door seller of Tupperware in the States. Many stories abound as to the source of Rama's instant wealth, and not one of those stories are kinder and more sympathetic to her.

Why is Annabelle Rama acting like a spoiled brat? Everyone knows where she came from. Everyone knows that she really has this temper. However, allowing her to tread about town, wrecking people's properties and harming and injuring press people is too much already. Time to put our foot down. 

Rama, though you're now rich, is not entitled to brag it and oppress small people. I mean, come on! The great kings of tinseltown, Dolphy and FPJ, were paragons of humility and having hearts for the poor and the small people. Rama is not as popular as the other two, but the way she acts, wow!

Maybe Rama is like that because she has politicians and government officials as her backers. 

Personally, I found Rama extremely offensive. This has got to stop. Annabelle Rama should be given a lesson. And fast. 

Let's see.