Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UNA's political blunder

The United Nationalist Alliance or UNA probably realized its error at this very early in the game. This explains why the newly formed alliance has suddenly announced its "open-ness" on the possibility of coalescing with the Liberal Party, the main administration party. What made UNA realize its early and probably, a most erroneous mistake?

Two things: when they realized that funds are not going their way and lastly, when they found themselves isolated politically. UNA misread the situation. They thought that Pnoy's trust and popularity ratings would reach a dangerously low level that it would incapacitate the President politically, and affect the chances of whoever political party Pnoy would support. The reading bombed. 

UNA's initial plan when news of the fast decreasing popularity of the administration came, was assume a combative position. However, when this news failed to jell, or failed to affect the overall trust and perception of the population behind the administration, UNA's strategy began to fall apart. 

The last punch came when UNA spokesperson former Congressman Atty. JV Bautista clarified in a statement that the UNA "shares the vision and agenda of this present administration,", that statement neutralized the UNA altogether.

How will the UNA now react on this latest pronouncement of the Liberal Party that it is now closed to a coalition with them? 

Imagine this scenario of UNA candidates announcing their support for the President's agenda but is isolated and not among those formally coalesced with the LP? There is no more differentiation. Without differentiation, how then can voters know the difference between what UNA offers and what the LP-NP-NPC coalition stands for?

IN such a very confusing situation, the winnability of candidates of the UNA is placed under extreme doubt. 

The senatorial race will now depend much on the candidates' own brand-name awareness and puts the political party, particularly UNA, as a liability rather than a plus in the campaign.

Meaning, with UNA, it is now entirely useless to join this political aggrupation simply because it isolated itself, by its own actions, from the administration.

There is nothing left for UNA but to sheepishly and probably quietly shift to the oppositive side, to the detriment of Presidential wannabe Jejomar Binay and all the rest of the relics of the alliance.

If UNA chooses now to don the "constructive oppositionist" route, it places the flow of funds to them in danger, since, everyone knows that this administration thinks along black and white lines, meaning, if you don't support it, you're a marked enemy. 

Meaning, regardless of whatever political side the UNA finally decides to place its fate on, no huge amount of funds would ever flow to their side, since financiers would always fear of retribution coming from the administration.