Friday, July 13, 2012

The Art of Dolphy and Panchito

Dolphy and Panchito's trademark comedy is highly exceptional. I think the reason why we all mourn so terribly today is because we realize that their kind of comedy will never really happen anymore in our lifetime, what with the kind of comedians we have right now.

I mean, come on, will you compare a Vice Ganda with a Dolphy? No comparison. One is crass, the other one is class. Or a Chocolait with a Panchito? One is all face no substance, the other one is all skill and simply  terrific. 

Probably, in all of our comedians today, it is only Vic Sotto that understood Dolphy's art. All the rest are either apprentices or downright, poor copycats.

Comedians are first and foremost, entertainers. If you find someone that only makes you laugh because of their face, that person is not a comedian. If you laugh because they shared a joke or just twitched in the right way, that's a comedian.

Dolphy was a painter par excellence. He was able to paint the most simple of things. That makes us laugh because our complicated minds saw those paintings in joke form. We never even realized that what Dolphy was doing during his heyday was show us, our simpleton side, the kind that makes us ordinary inspite of our riches or social status.

This art form dies with Dolphy and Panchito, but lives on in the web. Watch this excellent piece of artwork which Dolphy and Panchito represented during their day.