Sunday, July 1, 2012

The gestation of a Filipino Nation and the Role of the Intellectual Entrepreneur

I am a social media practitioner and what I see every single day, reminds me of how lucky I am just being a Filipino and being here witnessing a silent revolution happening. Every single day, millions of tweets and Facebook updates and blog entries are being posted online and read by several millions of others. These tweets and updates and views are being ingested by the public sphere and eventually become part of the process of gesticulation of a Nation. Every single day, a particular Idea is refined and form part not just of Philippine History but of nation-building.

The only struggle left is how to really animate and increase the exchanges between government and the public. 

Government should be forever vigilant and conscious of the topics of discussion and the subjects being written and talked about by Filipinos online. Officials should put great emphasis on social media activities because these affect the direction of a policy or even the formation of one. 

As more than 30 million Filipinos going online every single day, with increasing speed, maturity and meaning, policies and plans are shaped by the social consumer. Intellectual entrepreneurs are increasing and spreading their influence in the farthest corners of the digital universe. From being person-centric to social, people are becoming increasingly conscious of their roles in nation-building.

By just writing about Filipino food, or documenting an exciting experience visiting a Philippine province or a tourist spot, one becomes an illuminator and an intellectual entrepreneur.

Every single one who invest his time on Facebook, updating and sharing things he discovered online or someone writes about his experiences, are all part of this silent New Philippine Revolution, happening so rapidly but oh so silently.

People's minds are being awakened and their social personas activated to the point of action. Right now, companies are becoming slaves of the Filipino consumer. Technologies are being used to satisfy the cravings of the Filipino consumer. No single event in Philippine history approximates the level and depth of change that we are seeing right now. The seeds of change are transforming within peoples' consciousness and eventually, not too far into the future, we will see these blossoming into millions of new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Be part of the Philippine social media. Be part of the real world.