Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is Senator Trillianes breaking his vow not to campaign for re-election?

It is not bad to disagree with a friend's opinions. For one, disagreements always lead to a distillation of an idea. Every single idea should be refined to its maximum limits so that we give birth to a new one. 

A few days ago, Senator Antonio Trillianes IV said that there is no disgruntled soldiers in the AFP right now because the conditions that made them militate against the existing government several years ago, " has ceased to exist". Housing and allowances have been given to those in need and rights are respected.

Seems like this statement also tries to impress upon us that the entire population is in a state of fulfillment. The needs of the soldiers are not different from the needs of the rest of the Filipino citizenry.

I have always believed that things are in a state of agitation every single minute, because things change as fast as a tachyon. We are just in an equilibrium because deep seated frustrations stay underground, and the State is managing things and undertaking crisis management. 

I understand where Trillianes is coming from. One, he is a re-electionist politician. He needs the resources of government for re-election. Two, Trillianes is now looking into military affairs as an outsider. He is more like a politician than a soldier-leader. Trillianes is now getting information on the state of the institution from his contacts within, and without probably knowing the true pulse of the soldiers.

By the way, I remember what Trillianes promised when he ran as a senator several years ago. He promised not to run for re-election. Why is he now swallowing his principles in exchange for more time to play politics?

I fear the future of this country. We have been swallowed whole by this decrepit system. There is no more voice out there, telling things as they are and asking people for action. What we have right now is an acquiesent society, ready to accept what is being peddled to them without really digging deep and ascertaining the veracity of these "truths".

A so-called democratic society without dissent is no different from a totalitarian society.