Sunday, July 8, 2012

LP-NP-NPC coalition with Bakud---

It sounded nice when I first heard the plan of the Aquino administration to fortify the administration party with an alliance with former foes, namely, the Nationalist People's Coalition or NPC and the Nationalista Party of Senator and former presidentiable Manny Villar, It is clear that this is only a tactical alliance. Since these parties distanced themselves from the decrepit administration of the Arroyos, an alliance with them is not really that bad. Besides, these traditional political parties need a boost of life coming from the administration, otherwise, they will find themselves relegated to the dustbin of history.

Then, I read that the Liberal Party even forged an alliance with Bakud, the political aggrupation of the Duranos in Danao City. When I read that, that soured everything.

You can have all the tactical alliances that you want, but not, pray you, with the devil or the demons. Tactical alliances would still involve a modicum of principles or ideology.

The Duranos were instrumental in mucking up the elections last 2004. Fact is, the Duranos played a very crucial role in denying Fernando Poe Jr of his legitimate win in that election. They were part of the machinery that denied the People's Voice in that election. And now, sadly, the Aquinos and the LP would have to deal with them in this election.

These are really serious problems in our political system. Our economy may have improved, but our political system remained practically the same fan-based, patron-client kind of relationship that dominated us for centuries. 

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago hit it in the nail by describing the behavior of our political parties like that of  "fan organisations". Santiago said that the basis for membership in our political parties is if you're the fan of this and that. It is really still a personality-based kind, somewhat of a personality cult that keeps our political parties united.

DOTC secretary Mar Roxas, however, defended the decision of the LP to make a devil's pact with the Duranos, saying that the Duranos believe in the program of the President. Of course, this family would say that given that they need public funds to keep them in power. They need projects. Obviously, the Duranos jumped fence precisely due to political expendiency, and not because they firmly believed in the daang matuwid.

I praise this administration for really standing up and fighting for what is right---so far. This decision, of really allowing the former associates of the previous administration to jump ship without them ever admitting that they were part of the scandals that describes the previous administration, is ludicrous. There should be justice meted first, before reconciliation.

I fear that Aquino's legacy is being slowly messed up by the very same people close to him.