Friday, July 13, 2012

Maita Gomez is dead.

While millions mourn of Dolphy's passing, out came the news of Maita Gomez' untimely death. Yesterday, someone told me that Maita died of a heart attack. The 1967 Miss Philippines turn guerilla has died. The former model who went rogue is no more. 

I met Maita last year in Congress. I attended a hearing where she was too. My colleague asked me to give her a ride home. I obliged. 

We were able to talk and discuss about so many things, why people oppose mining and why Maita was one of those who were actively helping communities oppose mining. 

Maita appeared to me to be a very simple lady, whose heart is in the right place.

She personally knows the people whom I'm friends with. 

In 1967, Maita got the highest honor of being elected Miss Philippines. She represented the country in the Miss World pageant in London.

Those who know her swears that Maita was not just beauty. Margarita Favis Gomez, the real name of Maita, was a bundle of energy. She was also a firm believer of change and freedom.

Maita may not have given millions of us a reason to laugh, but she gave the world a reason to think things over and revolt.

Twenty four hours after being chosen as the country's representative to the Miss World pageant, Maita chose instead to go to the hills and fight for the liberation of her country from the tentacles of martial rule. 

Her sacrifice ended when she, along with several others, were arrested and jailed by the military. Inspite of her arrest, Maita continued her activism inside her jail cell. 

She continued believing in the things which will probably change things here in the Philippines. 

Farewell, my friend. Until we meet again.

Mabuhay ka!