Friday, August 31, 2012

Bogus Partylists target of Comelec

I highly commend Commission on Elections Chairman Sixto Brilliantes for having a strong political will. Recently, the poll body just invalidated the right to campaign and run for elections of Ang Galing partylist, the partylist of former presidential son, Mikey Arroyo. The findings show what people already knew from the start--that the partylist is really not a true representative of the sector which it claims it represents. 

Mikey is not a security guard. Well, he once was a part of those who defended the illicit regime of her mother, but that was it. That was the only time he became a guard, a guard of the worst kind.

There are other partylist organisations which are being controlled by families and political dynasties. There are those who claim to represent the marginalize but use these partylists to pursue their own personal and fiduciary interests.

Comelec insiders point to these partylists as eligible for delisting:

First on the list is the Bagong Henerasyon partylist. I looked at this partylist credentials and information and found that it was the private foundation of former Quezon city councilor Bernadette Herrera-Dy. Fact is, this partylist is a creation of her family, that's why its initials mimick hers--BH.

Bernadette Herrera, according to the very admission of the partylist, is a real estate developer, a member of Creba, whose members tried and failed to successfully run for the partylist Congressional elections. 

According to my research, her father, Alejandro, sits as president of a firm which has interests at the MWSS. Recently, her father's proposal to get a water servicing contract with the MWSS was roughly rejected. 

I also examined most of the bills filed by Herrera and those which she really pursued were mostly housing and real estate bills. Meaning, she is targetting getting projects for which she is possibly to profit from. 

I also checked on the papers BH submitted to the Comelec for accreditation and found that Edgar Allan Dy, the second nominee of this partylist organisation, is her husband!

Several political observers which live in Quezon City also told me that the reason why BH or Bernadette Herrera-Dy formed this partylist is to be able to enter Congress at the backdoor, since she cannot directly fight Vicente Crisologo for the Congressional seat in the 1st district of Quezon City.

Now that Bingbong Crisologo has now served his second term, BH is reportedly salivating to run for the district. 

There are also several other partylist organisations which are being controlled by families. When the idea of the partylist organisation was conceived, it was so that the marginalized sectors would be able to represent themselves before Congress. 

I'll reveal them one by one here.

I am supporting the campaign to promote the true and patriotic representatives of the marginalized sectors. Let us expose these partylist s being used by politicians and businessmen and even vice groups to advance their own interests and not the interests of the people. 

Fight against these bogus partylists!