Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jason Bourne and Conscience

The Bourne Trilogy has become a neo-classic watch because they are heart-stomping, action-filled and mythology filled flicks that tries to satiate our sociological curiosity about secret agents and state killers. Jason Bourne is a State-sponsored hired gun. We may be guiled by his looks, but Bourne has always been violent. Before he became CIA's special operative, Bourne was a soldier. He was not forced into that life. He chose it. And he was the best.

His amnesia symbolized his conscience. However, even before he got his memories erased momentarily, Bourne had a conscience. Bourne wasn't able to kill that African warlord because his target had his kids with him, at the time that he pointed his gun and wanted to shoot. He didn't. He had his conscience even after doing those nasty jobs for the CIA. That probably shows you that Bourne was a family man, probably a dotting father to a young daughter or son. 

I always ask why did Bourne take it as his responsibility to eliminate those hired guns of the CIA. He blames the CIA for his condition. He points to the CIA as the one responsible for transforming him into one of the world's most effective killers.

Bourne can always choose not to do those killings. He still has his conscience, so why not exercise it? 

Again, it was an issue on choice, not on circumstance. 

This exposed "soft-side" is the secret why people watch the Bourne Trilogy films. Underneath the mass thirst for blood lies a secret admiration for killers with consciences. Bourne is not your usual hero. He's neither a mythical caped crusader nor a young man bitten by a toxic spider. He is flesh and bones. Fact is, Bourne is definitely not a hero. He is just someone out to kill those who made him a killer. He is like the Black Mamba---killing those who gave her joy.