Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Massive flooding shows severe government neglect

No work today due to massive flooding all throughout Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Torrential rains have been observed for the past two hours. No typhoon says PAGASA, just the Habagat. 

This flooding, mind you, reminds us of government neglect. Instead of preparing for disasters like these, our government remains reactive, at best. Don't tell me that we cannot mitigate flooding in the Metro? We have enough engineering knowledge and modern technologies are available for us to avail of. What lacks us is vision and political will. 

Government is busy trying to pass the RH bill when more than 50 Filipinos have already died due to this flooding and non-stop rains. 

The first days of the Aquino administration, Noynoy blamed the head of the PAGASA for not being responsive to the needs of the citizenry. Now, two years under him, and PAGASA acts just like the very first few days of his administration.

Global warming may have contributed to stronger than usual weather disturbances, but massive flooding in areas where traditionally no previous ones have occurred, shows severe government neglect. Fact is, it seems that government is unable to make its presence felt even in relocation sites. 

Where is government when you need it?