Monday, September 10, 2012

Puno replacement of Bartolome a political masterstroke

Pnoy's plan to make PNP chief Nicanor Bartolome resign early and replace his henchman, DILG undersecretary Rico Puno is a political masterstroke. 

One, asking Bartolome to resign early is a gracious way of booting you out. It's like Aquino telling Bartolome: " you're okey, but actually you're not as a lawman. So, I have to give you another way out of severe criticisms being thrown at you. I'll make you resign and move you to another department."

Several sectors even those within the palace want Bartolome's head, since crime incidence went up. Bartolome's "performance" or "non-performance" has been a very serious concern of the palace. Since June, several people within the palace has been at odds on how to deal with Bartolome. Bartolome is both close to Aquino and Ochoa. Ochoa and Bartolome were supposed to work together. 

When news of Robredo's death came about, several people talked with Aquino to turn this into an opportunity to boot Bartolome and Puno out of Robredo's department. A decision was made last August 22, which necessitates the President to give a gracious exit for both, Bartolome and Puno.

Puno, by the way, has been portrayed as Aquino's perennial headache. Since the Manila hostage crisis, Puno has been receiving criticisms. 

How to manage a very delicate official like Puno, and why is he so delicate? Puno, if you don't know, is a long-time Aquino associate. Since Puno knows many things about the Chief Executive, it will take a long and gargantuan effort to extricate him from the DILG.

There were insidious allegations about Puno being Noynoy's alleged jueteng bagman and circuit.

Puno is also being accused of being Pnoy's long-time "solutions player." Now, you're getting rid of your confidante?