Sunday, September 16, 2012

Questions about God and why is it so wrong for being human in the sight of God?

If you think real hard, God was the first tyrant. Yes, God was and still is. Why?

God wants everyone to worship only Him and obey only Him. And by what right? God claims to be our Creator, hence, our everlasting praise. If God really created us, then, why does God need our praise? With or without our praise, God is God. 

In  the Bible, there is a prediction of humanity's eventual annihilation. Why will we be annihilated? The Bible has an answer--humanity continues to violate His laws.

Okey now, so we need to be obedient creatures? Isn't absurd that God even created free will when, in the first place, God wanted us to obey Him?Why complicate matters, when, in the very first instance of creation, God would have made us like robots, right? Why create free will in the first place?

Will GOd destroy us because we are creative, innovators and creators ourselves? What is so wrong with creating things based on our interpretation of reality? Is our reality wrong? 

I thought reality is a creation of God Himself, then, why is it so wrong if humans interpreted reality the way we see it?  

IN the Bible, Revelation says that humans will be transformed into heavenly beings in a twinkling of an eye, and those who do so, will be with God in His heavenly Kingdom.

Why wait for a day, when God can definitely make it every, single day?