Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is Noynoy's answer to those who says he's psychotic

Are we overreacting? That this administration meant well when it passed the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012? That this law was meant not to stifle individual freedoms, as what this Justice secretary Leila de Lima claims, but to curb the rising incidence of cyber attacks and online scams victimizing thousands of unknowing Filipinos?


We are protesting this law because it sets back the democratic gains the People have worked on for over forty decades---the eradication of all forms of dictatorship.

Dictatorship has never been a very bright solution against rising dissent. When the State uses its police powers to make people "toe the line", people react differently. Draconian measures are never really effective deterrents or solutions to silence opposition. Dissent will forever be a fixture of a democratic society. For a democracy to truly be effective, everyone must respect other people's opinions and views.

When governments show intolerance and flex its muscles to show everyone how strong it is, that actually shows how weak it truly is. 

A weak government is intolerant, feisty and most of the time,  overreacting.

This is the true state of the Aquino administration---a paranoid administration whose claim to power is its supposed adherence to the right path.

Why is this administration so paranoid? Aquino and his lackeys fear that the people will eventually discover how corrupt and how brazen his people are in stealing the people's monies.

Aquino's buddies and close associates are robbing us blind. While we are being asked to believe how popular this President still is, the real situation is being hidden from our very eyes.

Aquino's close buddies are entering the second phase of this pseudo-populist leader's rule---the last three years will see Aquino's close buddies entering into numerous anomalous and illicit deals involving government projects.

One of them, the Entertainment City, the rampant smuggling of steel products, the illegal entry of millions of tons of rice, the supposed PPP projects which have never really taken off, and the direct and close involvement of Aquino's friends in jueteng and drugs.

That's why Aquino wants to gag our mouths---so that people like us would not be able to expose the excesses of his administration.

Aquino is deathly afraid that his weaknesses, his stupidity and his acute mental illness will eventually be exposed before the people. 

Why do I say that he's weak, stupid and suffers from mental illness?

Who in his right mind would sign a law that is so patently unconstitutional, the very smell of the paper which was used to print those idiotic words defining this Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is like that of vomit.

Aquino is a weak leader because he needs a law to punish those who criticize him. Why use your powers against people who hate you because you are an indecisive and patently weak leader?

Why blame people when they say you're stupid? Is it enough proof of your stupidity when you sign a law which sets back the gains your patriotic father worked for until his death in 1983?

And who in his right mind, would sign a law that places the accused in double jeopardy--something which the Constitution forbades. Who, in his sane mind, would sign a law that puts a penalty of imprisonment for something which is just an expression of self? 

Do you expect us, the people to stop telling you of who you really are and the people behind you?


These people---Chiz Escudero, Pia Cayetano, Lito Lapid, Trillanes, Enrile, Villar--are already part of a rotting and decrepit oligarchy that are full of egotistically maniacal people who wants to always flaunt their power before the people.

Let us show these people that the true masters of this beloved land are not them--but us. 

Down with the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.