Monday, October 22, 2012

Will the American electorate vote Obama out of office?

US President Barack Obama's voting numbers are the same as that of Republican bet Mitt Romney, a clear set-back already for the First Black American president. Three years ago, Obama's numbers were astronomically high, compared with his nearest competitor. The American public was caught with the Obama bug.

Now, with the economic downturn and the rising pessimism within American society, Obama's star waned and is on the brink of death. There is not enough "Obama-nisms" to counter Republican accusations of economic and external affairs mismanagement. The public is not enamored anymore with stirring speeches reviving the American dream nor talks about overcoming the present problems being encountered by the capitalist giant. With the global recession entering its sixth year, and economic analysts predicting another financial winter coming, there is simply no words anymore fit to reduce anxieties and worries.

Many Americans are realizing that these problems are direct results of the genetic ills of a capitalist state. Overproduction has resulted to stoppage of production in small and medium sized enterprises, the bedrock by which capitalist America depended on for so many years. With the death of SMEs came the rise of giant corporations which knows no race, no nation, and no government when it comes to cutting down costs of production. The locus of production has shifted from American factories to China's million man production crews. This translated into Chinese having jobs, while Americans were left in the lurch.

The middle class, the vanguard class of the American state and society, has dwindled, while the numbers of America's billionaires ballooned. Resources have all been centralized and controlled by a few. With a global downturn, these resources remained under close control and management of a remorse-less elite.

Obama's re-election depended on the fulfillment of his promise of making life more comfortable for Americans. His administration, however, even failed in pushing for substantial legislation which would have eased the hardships being experienced by Americans. Peace and order worsened, and the economy remained in the doldrums.

Will the American electorate negate Obamanism and usher in an iron-fisted Republican crew to save them and their economy from further damage?