Thursday, November 29, 2012

Philippine partylists:Today is the Moment of Truth

Today, we will see if the Commission on Elections or Comelec is really dead set on changing the face of Philippine politics. Today, we will know if Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes' promise to leave a lasting legacy in Philippine history will come true or will it be just another empty bravado coming from a lawyer. Quite frankly, many people expect Brillantes to do the right thing. And the right thing really is a total cleansing of the purported Comelec partylist system.

Fr. Joe Dizon of KontraDaya, a coalition of organisations and Kontra Dinastiya, another group seeking for the ouster of political dynasties in the country, did every possible thing to inform the poll body of the existence of these bogus partylists. Just reading the incorporation papers of these partylists will tell you how wrong previous commissioners were in allowing these partylists to make a mockery of the partylist law which is supposed to give representation to the marginalized sectors of Philippine society. The partylist system has been seriously mucked up that it contributed to the worsening of the problem of politics in our country.

I'm sure these Comelec commissioners will not allow themselves to be blamed eventually for the eventual dissolution of public trust in our political institutions just because it allows bogus partylists, such as BH and all the rest to fool the people into believing that they truly represent the marginalized and the disfranchised.