Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Bold Prediction in 2016: In Philippine politics, it is funnier

Whoever puts his foot forward and claims that he is not interested for the Presidency, but will try his hand on it just to prove a point that there is still good men out there, will merit my vote come 2016.

This phenomenon already happened in 2010, when an "adamant" Noynoy was snatched from nowhere and thrust into the public limelight months before the elections. And he won against several candidates who, for years, have prepared their war chests and established their grassroots machines, hired publicists and stylists and Vicki Belo, only to fall flat in their faces the minute the electorate checked that ballot and cast it into the steel box.

It seems that the electorate has become so fed up with power greedy men that, yeah, they will allow them to run, but will not vote for them come election time.

The only problem is---who among the present crop of "leaders" deserve our support and is not lusting for power? Let's see...

Chiz? Nope. He imagines himself as a King when he gets elected as President. Besides, Chiz failed to save his own marriage, what is the assurance that he will not fail us when the going gets tough?

Loren? Again, no. She should learn her lessons.

Miriam? I just read an advertisement encouraging young couples to work in Australia. I better apply.

Bong Revilla? Yeah, if tikbalangs are true maybe mystical and mythical Pandays can do some miracles too.

Trillianes? Nah. He always bails out.

Villar, Enrile, Angara, Drilon. Too old and too jaded. Imagine an octogenarian as President? That's okey for his Vice.

Sotto, Cayetano, young Angara, Pimentel. Nah, too traditional and too young. Besides, I don't want my President to be accused of plagiarism. And I don't know what I'll do if my President copies a speech which eventually traced to a North Korean dictator!

How about religious men like Mike Velarde and Eddie Villanueva? Nah, too visionary for my taste. Besides, they always say that they have talked with God, but did God really talked with them?

Cojuangco, Pangilinan, Ayalas. Too old, too comfortable and too business-like. When you have a businessman as President, chances are, everything is for sale.

How about the brave men and women of Kapatiran? If the Philippine State happens to be a Theocracy, sure, why not?

I can go on and on and on here, and looking at the present and even future landscapes, one realizes that there is actually a dearth of truly deserving men and women for the Presidency.

Yes, we have highly intelligent men and women serving in government or working in the private sector, that are "presidential material". Yet, look at these people and you'll find something inherently wrong or amiss. One joke i got from my previous boss, a Singaporean, sums it all up---" IN the Philippines, people there have their own worlds to attend to." Rightly said.