Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For President: Binay or Mar there no other one out there?

2016 will be very interesting for two reasons: one, 2016 will be a repeat or a sequel to the 2010 intramurals with one distinct difference---it will be a fight between two people who claim that they are close to Pnoy. And second reason of course is the possibility of a serious third force emerging at the seams.

It would be interesting because these two people: Vice President Jejomar Binay and DILG secretary Mar Roxas haven't proven themselves worthy of the people's trust and support. Can you seriously tell me straight right now what are the things that Binay did to improve our lives? Do you remember at least one?

How about Mar Roxas? Please, I pray, tell me one single thing that Roxas did that improved my life and my family?

Mention "Binay" and two words form as associative images: " transactional politics" and " condominium units".

How about Mar? Mention Mar and two images also form in one's head: " indecisiveness" and "worsening peace and order". Opps, there's another one---"traditional ilustrado politics".

Of course, we respect the dreams of these two fine gentlemen but I am afraid that the criteria we set for those who want to be president has sunk so low, that even non-performers such as these two guys are now eligible for the highest post of the land? Such is the fate of the peoples in this country that we are forced to accept a future that will be no different from the present.