Tuesday, January 8, 2013

At Forty Two---and the 7 Evident Truths in Human Life

Forty two means that it is already twenty years since my last New Wave party, ten years since I last appeared as host on a News program and five years has passed after spending years working abroad. Many things have happened, and these eyes have seen the good and the bad, the worse and the worst, the best and the worst and the goodness and ineptness of people. I have been through extremely difficult circumstances and extremely blissful ones that it is difficult for me now to distinguish which were those I was with God and which were those I was not with Him. It seems to me that in everything, and in everywhere, there is God, standing before me and directing all my actions.

At forty two, there are seven (7) evident Truths that I want to share with people.

1st evident Truth---There is a God.

For eight long years, I did not believe in the existence of God. When I studied Quantum Physics though and studied the possibility of Reality as multiverses, I began reading the ancient scriptures again.

My God is not an amorphic one---My God is Energy, pure Energy. My God is not a Created one but the source of All Creation.

2nd Evident Truth---We exist as Energies.

As energy, we belong to one singular source of all Energies. We behave according to the established Laws of the Source of All Energies. If we are energy, then, expect a life after this, since Energies only assume other forms but exists as one form.

3rd Evident Truth---Change is a constant

Changes happen all around us. Even as I write here, my world goes in true motion. There is no statis. Statis exists only as a perception, but never Reality.

It is up to man to direct where Change should be and what Change should assume as a form. What is evident is that Change is constant and reminds us that everything we do, exists only as a blip, a temporary freezing of time.

4th Evident Truth---Man is essentially good.

Man is created "unto the image and likeness of God". Hence, at the very beginning, man was created like unto a heavenly being. There is inherent goodness in all men. It is the system that changes man into something else.

5th evident Truth---Laws define what we are

Laws exists so that there is order. Laws shape our concept of Order. Without Laws, there is no order. Order is also a law.

6th Evident Truth---Every single creation is unique

Every single creation is unique, every individual with his own DNA sequence and every single being exist with a plan embedded in his DNA.

7th Evident Truth---There is a balance between good and evil

When one side achieves more than the other, there is chaos. The UNiverse stays ordered because the amount of goodness and evil is in equilibrium.