Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vice President Jejomar Binay should discourage Garcia from dissenting

An asteroid had a near miss encounter with Earth yesterday. The asteroid was about 13 million kilometers away, but by two decades, the asteroid is expected to pass by Earth in less than 200,000 kilometers and by 2036, expected to hit Earth.

If that asteroid prevented itself from smashing earth, think about the expected political repercussions should the Vice President and the Office of the President collide over what could be the biggest political controversy  pre-election.

The Ombudsman just rejected the appeal of Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia for it to issue a Temporary Restraining Order against the DILG order suspending Garcia for ninety days. The Court of Appeals likewise rejected Atty. TRanquil Salvador's appeal for it to issue a 60-day TRO, citing irreparable injury on the part of Garcia. The CA however said, that in this case, it is the government which shall sustain irreparable injury caused by a suspension of the order against Garcia.

So, Garcia has no choice but to abide by the DILG suspension order. Vice President Jejomar Binay however, tried to restrain Garcia from doing so, a direct contravention of President Aquino's order.

Whether or not the cause of the suspension order is political or what-have-you, the point is, that order had basis in law, and as a lawyer and someone who claims to be part of the Aquino government and supportive of its policies, the Vice President has no choice but to appeal to Garcia to stop dissenting and respect the decision of the Constitutional body which heard her graft case.

That is the problem of this country---many of our government officials think they are above the law. What then differentiates these government officials from being rogues and criminals? Nothing! They all think of themselves as highly or above everything.

The People expect Binay to be the first one who follows the law, not go against it.