Monday, January 7, 2013

Crime and Punishment in the Philippines

The proliferation of crimes is not supposed to happen under an "economically vibrant" nation. Yet, it happens. Worse, the impression that one gets from all of these is an uncontrollable and unmanageable situation that no one seemed fit to solve. What is the reason behind these outbursts of criminality in almost all parts of the country?

Desperation. People are desperate, and why? Desperation must proceed from something. Why are people desparate? Is it rooted from economic difficulties? If it is so, then, what is all the fuzz about the economy recovering, and more people feeling more prosperous now than before?

Petty crimes are on the rise since last year, and several people whom I talked to say that it will get worse this year.

Admit it---yes, businesses are flourishing but 4 million people are still jobless. Government has to do something about this.

Government should task its economic think tanks and research groups on how to effectively deal with peace and order which is the direct result of the seemingly worsening economic situation on the ground.