Monday, January 7, 2013

PSE rise expected

The Philippine Stock Exchange just breached the 6,000 level. This is actually a surprise since analyst expect this to happen last December. Two things that are driving the market into a frenzy---one, low interest rates and the positive economic outlook for the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the most interesting markets. The improvement in the general sentiment globally is also contributing to the bullishness in the market.

Likewise, liquidity is not an issue anymore, that's why companies are looking at expanding their businesses. With expansion comes job situation improvement and a windfall in terms of spreading investments horizontally.

With an improved economic outlook, investors have now changed their cautious stance to an active one, with more people even willing to increase their risks in investing outside their comfort zones. However, the spike in the market is too early to rejoice. The US just passed the bill preventing the fall of the economy into a fiscal cliff.

There is truly, an improvement in the general economic situation, which is pretty much a good news for the people. The only question is---will this windfall in the economy cascade to the lower strata of society?