Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cynthia Villar and what the Public do not know about her

Former Congresswoman Cynthia Villar is one determined woman. As we speak, Villar is touring the country, bringing hope to those without jobs and really studying the real reasons why most Filipinos remain poor inspite of the country's vastly improving economy.

Cynthia Aguilar Villar is no stranger to the problems of the poor. She became active in setting up livelihood programs for her fellow Filipinos in Las Pinas where she once became a legislator, just like her husband, Manny Villar.

Many people just see her as a rich woman, the alleged brains behind the success of Manny as an entrepreneur, and as a billionaire real estate tycoon. What people don't know, and I am pleased to have experienced and saw it first hand, is Cynthia's heart. She, unlike others, is really serious in providing help to those in need. And she's not the prima senora in giving doleouts, no. What Cynthia Villar believes is life-long, life-changing help.

Since 2010, Cynthia Villar and Susan Toots Ople thru the Ople Center and the Villar Foundation, has been empowering distressed OFWs. Yes, those Filipinos victimized by illegal recruitment or by their own employers are being assisted by Villar and Ople (and yours truly) to stand by their own two feet. And how, many you ask?

Through education. Cynthia Villar is financing the re-education of these OFWs. Those without diplomas are being financed to get one by going back to school. Those who have one, but want to change their luck, are being given the chance to go back to school again and get another course.

There are about sixty OFWs who have been blessed by Cynthia Villar's heart. MOst of them have regained their lives back. MOst of them have their own businesses, some of them went back abroad but are now being paid better and higher than what they received before and others are working in hotels and restaurants here in the country.

What Cynthia Villar and the rest of the Villar Family want is to give HOPE to those victimized by the system.

Thanks, Mrs. Villar and Senator Manny Villar. You have proven yourselves worthy of the people's trust and support. Mabuhay kayo!

For those who want to avail of this scholarship program, go to the Villar foundation website.