Thursday, January 24, 2013

Turning Opposition

The Opposition is lambasting the Liberal Party of its policy of not allowing common bets, Grace Poe, Loren Legarda and Chiz Escudero to campaign with them. UNA leader Joseph Estrada said it's unfair. It's also tyrannical.

Okey, so, I thought that UNA candidates are running ahead of everyone else, why this complaint? Nothing coming out of the camps of the aforesaid senatoriables, then, why complain?

UNA is trying to create something out of an anthill. It is laying the groundwork for an "open, oppositive war" against the administration. The best response is actually no response or nonchalance.

Worse, Malacanang walked right into the trap by giving a response, something uncanny for the palace to do. Worst, DOTC secertary Abaya was the one tasked to respond, which further worsened the situation, and even pictured the administration as "uncaring," about the political fates and campaigns of its three candidates.

It is in the best interest of Malacanang not to engage UNA publicly. When UNA declared that it is not entirely opposing Malacanang, the public viewed this political party as a creature of the administration too. Hence, it eliminated any excitement in the senatorial race. Instead of an ideologically based war, the senatorial race became a personal one, rending the importance of a political grouping as nonsensical. Meaning, it is not that important where you are affiliated right now. What's important is that the people know you and is talking about you.

This favors those who have longer or fatter political kitties. Since both the LP and the UNA have this "gentleman's agreement" not to fight each other in this elections, then, the campaign is really entirely personal. You are left to fend for yourself, something which is burdensome to those who do not have enough funds to spend for this elections.

Not turning opposition, renders UNA's existence and relevance as nothing short of a boy's club. It is an aggrupation without meaning, a grouping only of people with vested political and economic interests.

UNA is forthwith---it is not a political party of the people and by the people---only a shaky coalition of diverse interests.

With this image, UNA will not entirely clinch all of the top seats in the senatorial race. It is likewise, entirely doubtful if it will even get a sizeable fraction of Congressional and local seats.

If UNA wants to win, it must regain its fiscalizer stance or it must turn opposition. UNA leaders must not mind these surveys that show a high trust rating for the administration. This is just a myth.

There is an undercurrent of dissent against this administration. It exists. The reason why it has never been articulated or amplified properly is the fact that even those opposed to this administration is not planning to exploit this rising dissent below the line because of their ideological or association's links with the administration.

I think the UNA realizes this so it is laying the groundwork for a temporary break with the administration, sooner or later.