Monday, January 28, 2013

Dark skies slowly enveloping Tuwid na Daan

The Catholic Church has consulted many sectors on the state of the Philippine economy and politics. Three major issues were tackled: the automated elections, the ongoing negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and social decay.

The Church, thru the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, is very concerned with the PCOS machines which will be used in this year's elections. One Bishop even commented that the PCOS machines used in the 2010 were "flawed" and "had some errors", suggesting that probably, the final results in that elections were probably "in error". The question really, what if, indeed, it was? What then?

There are fears that the Constitution would be tinkered with to accommodate the points of negotiation between GRP and the MILF. The MILF agrees that the Constitution needs to be reviewed and changed, while it is the opposite for the Philippine government. Several analysts actually agree---for the agreement to be valid, the Constitution of the Philippine government should be changed.

Changes in the condition of the Filipino Family, particularly the advent of technologies, are leading to the dissolution of familial ties. Social decay amidst economic growth is a deep concern of the Church, whose mission really is the upliftment of the human soul.

Are we seeing preparations for the revival of Church intervention in Philippine politics? The Church is still the most trusted Institution in the country. Will the Church use its vaulted power to position itself as this administration's main political nemesis?

I doubt it.

For one, it is in the best interest of the Church to maintain its current non-interventionist stance. Second, the Church, as a corporation, is reaping the financial rewards of a very robust economy, what with stocks attaining an all-time high. With Church monies invested in blue-chip and other investments, surely, the Church is very happy with their investments. Third, the fragmentation even of civil society or laity groups within the Church presents a real danger if the Church decides to oppose this administration. There is a very active debate going on in the Church on this issue of political intervention. Many believers see the Church more of a moral force rather than political. Besides, there is really no big issue against this administration that necessitates a more drastic action from the Church.

What is certain is that, slowly, dark skies are enveloping the Tuwid na Daan. There are now groups outside the Power Circle who are feeling aggrieved. Political interests are feeding these groups. This is expected.