Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Neo Citizen should step up

Fifty million voters will troop the polls this year, with about thirty five million belonging to the 18-35 age group. These group of Filipinos are very knowledgeable of what is happening in their spheres of interests. They are enlightened. Technology has allowed this to happen. What would modernize our democracy is not the laws that our stupid lawmakers make in the halls of Congress (In a normal situation, this should be the case. Laws are supposed to be instruments of change, not instruments of legal oppression by the elite), but the knowledge that technologies present to people.

Fact is, thanks to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, technologies have brought us tightly closer and freer still than before. This is the third phase of world-wide enlightenment, when knowledge has now become widespread and being used to improve lives and change futures.

Literally, what the Ancients describe back then, as all human knowledge the size of our thumb, we have discovered that, indeed, all knowledge acquired during one's life time is literally, the size of one's thumb. Hence, the possibility of creating a totally democratic society exist and is not as costly as what we previously think it is.

The power to change things definitely lie in every Citizen. A fully Enlightened Citizen is the equivalent of a battalion of soldiers. The Establishment is being challenged almost every single day. The end of the Establishment is near. The Light is slowly escaping its prison of darkness.

The Neo Citizen has his duty---to spread the Light of Enlightenment and mobilise other citizens to action. Change is inevitable. The good life is at hand. All the Citizen needs is to eradicate the vestiges of the Old Order and allow the birthing of the New One. There is no stopping this.

The Neo Citizen therefore, must step up his struggle so that Open Societies will bloom like Lotuses throughout the human landscape.