Thursday, January 3, 2013

James Reuter

Father James Reuter is now in the hands of God. I met the man several times before, and seeing him is like meeting a man who has dedicated his entire life to God. There is a certain serenity in him. He even smells so good, heavenly.

Unknown to many, James Reuter is not just a priest--he was a fighter for human rights. He fights for people oppressed by the system. There are countless stories about him, all of them attesting to the innate goodness of the man, whom many call "pop"

Talking to him brings back memories of my youth, when I was still a staunch Catholic. As a young Catholic, I was a devoted one. My Fridays were spent praying the rosary, and Saturdays and Sundays see me serving as a sacristan in our local church.

As I age, I realized that some of the things which I believe are, unfortunately, not based on the Bible but on people's ideas about God. However, when I meet men like Father Reuter, my faith that there really is a God, brings those delicious memories again.

It would be a delight serving God in your last days. I plan to serve the People after my retirement which is several years from now. I plan to teach those without money to complete a college education. Sharing the Knowledge that was given to me by God is the least one can do for other people.

Father Reuter dedicated ninety five years of his life serving the people whom God loves.  And those were 95 delicious years serving the ones whom God always protect and take care of.

May God welcome Father James Reuter to His bosom. May you rest forever, James, a true Servant of God.